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Determine the potential of biobased fertilisers

Crop production is currently dependent on chemical fertilisers as the main source of plant nutrition. These are energy- intensive to produce and the majority of phosphate (90%) and nitrogen fertilisers (45%) in the EU are imported. Therefore, it is key to study if biobased fertilisers can replace or reduce fossil-based fertiliser use.

The aim of this task is to compare barley crop production using fossil-based fertilisation versus natural biofertilisers under glasshouse and field conditions. The algal biofertilizer  (Terramar) is provided by Brandon Bioscience which has previously been shown to improve crop performance. The bacterial biofertilizer is a yeast based fermentation bio-stimulant provided by the University of Seville.

This task will optimise bio-fertiliser application, assess the effects of biofertilisation rates on barley agronomic traits, analyse grain quality after biofertilizer application and assess the greenhouse gas emissions associated with biofertilizer applications.

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